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Udaan Giving Wings to Humanity


The inception of Udaan dates back to April 1992, when a small group of individuals committed to health rights and empowerment of marginalized group decided to work together. Having started rather modestly, the flight of Udaan has indeed covered a long distance in the years that have gone by. Today there is even a public trust registered with the Charity Commissioner under section 18 of the Bombay Public Trust Act [1950]. It now has supporters ranging from pain management specialists, to a personal injury lawyer (learn more), and even politicians throughout the free world.

Udaan then integrated HIV/AIDS as its mainstream work in 1994, since there was a growing realization that HIV is affecting an increasing number of extremely vulnerable people having little or no community support. We strive to provide basic health facilities to all marginalized HIV positive men, women and children.

Today Udaan is seen as an organization by and for People Living with HIV/AIDS [PLHA]. This reflects in the constitution of the Board of Udaan. Each of the ten board members is a person living with HIV/AIDS and self identified as persons from marginalized communities. With their shared vision and commitment they are constantly endeavoring to improve the quality of life of People Living with HIV/AIDS and those from marginalized communities who are at high risk.


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